Surfer SEO Optimization

Surfer SEO Content Editor is a cutting-edge content optimization tool that supercharges your SEO efforts. We use to improve texts on your web pages to get the highest possible rankings, leading to quality traffic and better conversion.

Surfer is an awesome tool. But it won’t do you good unless you use it properly. It doesn’t just offer keyword suggestions, it also helps with editing ensuring you have readable content. While relevant keywords bring in visitors, it’s good content that keeps them on your page.

Simplify Content Creation With Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO works with just about any type of content from blog posts to long-form articles with several keywords. Our editorial team knows how to use Surfer SEO to create natural copy that ticks all the right boxes for SEO factors.

Plan Your Content

No scratching your head trying to figure out what to write. Surfer Content Planner lets us create a content plan for your domain, niche or audience.

Create Article Outlines

Get effective article structure including paragraphs, FAQs, and subheading plus other suggestions before you flesh out the content in the editor.

Write Content that Ranks

Write content on the feature-rich editor, add high-ranking keywords, images, and appropriate headings to improve content quality and Google ranking.

Data-driven Content Optimization

Take the guesswork out of your content optimization with real-world insights. Find relevant keywords that actually for your type of content. No more spying after your competitors or cracking your head trying to figure out what works. Surfer SEO shows you the real position of keywords in search results. Using the SERP Analyzer we’ll quickly and accurately examine high ranking pages across the search cape so you can target location rankings better.

Surfer Basic

Our Surfer Starter package includes:

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Creation
  • 5,000 words of written content



Our SurferPLUS package includes:

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Creation
  • 10,000 words of written content
  • Social posts to accompany articles
  • In-depth monthly reports w/ renewed packages


Give visitors and prospects reason to keep coming to your website. Surfer SEO can drive customer retention and improve engagement.